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Coming Attractions – Scout Troop


26th Sept to 11th Oct School Holidays
9th to 11th Oct Scout Camp – Lane Pool
24th Oct Scout Rogaining
20th November Last Scout Night
22nd November Group Picnic and Awards
27th to 29th November Group Camp – Busselton


3rd to 13th January Australian Jamboree – Sydney
5th February First Scout Night
12th February Election – PL’s and APL’s
19th February Swimming – Challenge Stadium
11th to 13th March Scout Camp – Yallingup
18th March Group AGM
9th to 25th April School Holidays
21st May Scout Rogaining
10th June Cubs Going Up Ceremony to Scouts
2nd to 17th July School Holidays
3rd to 10th July Scout Hike – Green Level
24th Sept to 9th October School Holidays
18th November Last Scout Night
20th November Group Picnic and Awards
25th to 27th November Group Camp – Busselton


2nd to 14th January New Zealand – Queenstown – Venturers
3rd February First Scout Night
10th February Election – PL’s and APL’s



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