Chairman’s Message

Dear 1st Subiaco Scout Supporter,

We’re celebrating our 110th Birthday and you are invited!

As a way of saying thank you, visit our hall at 399 Rokeby Road between noon and 5pm on Saturday 10th March 2018.

Enjoy live entertainment, food trucks, historical displays and special food tasting from 2pm to 4pm.

This is a free community event and fundraising opportunity to help build a better kitchen in our heritage hall.

Thank you for your support!

Thomas Murrell                                                                Ramsay Main

Group Chairman                                                               Scout Leader in Charge


Celebrating 110 Years of Scouting Excellence

1st Subiaco Scouts is partnering with the Subiaco Farmers Market to present “A Taste of Subiaco: Celebrating 110 Years of Scouting Excellence” as part of our birthday celebrations on Saturday 10th March from noon to 5pm at our Rokeby Road Hall.

At 110 years old 1st Subiaco Scouts is recognised as one of the Top 10 oldest continuously operating Scout Groups in the world.

“We want to connect with former 1st Subiaco Scout members, leaders, volunteers and parents. This is a free community event via donation. There will be a historical display with free live entertainment, food trucks and food tasting,” said Scout Group Chairman Thomas Murrell.

The Group will be achieving three aims-

  1. The Celebration of 110 years of Scouting Service.
  2. To assist with fundraising for the refurbishment of a new hall kitchen.
  3. To showcase the fresh food skills of current scouts.

The following activities will be running at the hall.

  • Scout Hall open to the public from 12 noon with historical displays, food trucks, a Dymocks book store and live entertainment
  • 12-2pm Food Preparation with live Buskers
  • 2pm to 4pm Food stalls open with Tasting with live Buskers
  • 4pm to 4:30pm Official Speeches and cake cutting
  • Finish 5pm

There will be commercial food trucks outside plus five 1st Subiaco Scout food stalls featuring free food tasting covering the history of the Scout Group:

  • Indigenous food
  • Australian early settler bush camp
  • 1851 Italian Benedictine Monk food
  • 1920s British Baden Powell fare
  • Australian Modern Fusion

These will be prepared and served by current youth members.

“The idea comes from our Annual chef competition we have been running with 1st Subiaco Scouts for 17 years. This was started when one of our Scout Leaders Greg Higham was concerned scouts were eating 2 minute noodles on outdoor scouting activities,” Mr Murrell said.

More than 400 scouts have taken part in the annual competition which was started to improve the cooking skills of scouts and now scouts prepare a three course meal on a budget both at the scout hall and in a bush setting.

“Standards are high, competition is fierce and the quality of food outstanding. We obviously leverage off the TV phenomenon and are teaching youth life skills,” Mr Murrell said.

The event at 399 Rokeby Road is sponsored by the City of Subiaco, Dymocks Subiaco, Farmer Jacks Subiaco and the Subiaco Famers Market where fresh food will be sourced from and they will be providing live buskers for the event.

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